D-Link MainStage TV Adapter for Intel Wireless Display (DHD-131)

by D-Link
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UPC : 790069351273
Make surfing the Web a part of your Home Theater Experience on your HDTV. Instead of crowding around a desk with all your friends just to show them the really funny video you saw on YouTube the other day, wouldn't it be better if all of you sat comfortably on the couch to watch that same video, but on your big screen TV, with popcorn? Watch movies from Netflix, Hulu or any of your favorite movie sites, all from the comfort of your couch. The D-Link Main Stage can do just that. It acts as a bigger, better, HD display for your Intel Wireless Display powered laptop. It wirelessly 'sends' your laptop display onto your TV, enabling you to surf the web, view home movies from your home network, or your laptop, right from the couch, with the push of a button.

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