Energizer LED AA Compact Lantern with Light Fusion Technology, 100 Hour Run Time, 240 Lumens (Batteries Included)

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Lightweight light: That’s what you get with the Energizer Compact Lantern with Light Fusion Technology. That, and an easy-to-use, flexible, slim, portable design. Simply fold out the handle of this battery-operated lantern for stable, hands-free light when you need it, or fold it up to stow it away when you don’t. The Energizer Light Fusion Technology brings 360° of bright, even light—with up to 240 lumens*—to any situation, using unique textured surface optics to reflect light. Which means brighter camping experiences, nighttime hiking trips, power outage blackouts, or simply early-morning walks. Switch between 2 light mode settings of brightness, depending on the activity. Indoors or outdoors, this Energizer Compact Lantern is a rugged and durable choice, thanks to its water-resistant construction. Bring the Energizer Compact Lantern with Light Fusion Technology along for light that works, no matter where your next adventure takes you.

* Light output measured from LED at 150 mA rms. Value is only applicable to the LED. Actual device light output may vary.



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