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This cartridge is brand new. Game comes in a clear plastic game case. No Original box or manual.


The popular Fatal Fury fighting game franchise is a welcome addition to the software-starved NEOGEO system. Eleven familiar fighters return to duke it out street style in this game, which allows you to go head-to-head against your friends via a pocket link cable (sold separately). Although Fatal Fury clearly is inspired by Japanese anime (note the abundance of wildly colored hair and giant eyes), it also has a strong American flavor in style and design. This game works more or less like other fighting games--pick a character and then fight your way using fast button punching and multiple special moves. However, Fatal Fury offers much less in the way of a plot than similar fighting games for the NEOGEO, such as King of Fighters and Samurai Shodown.

You see much less of the personality of your fighter--although each fighter does tend to have innovative moves and intriguing fighting props, such as killer fans. We found the learning curve for this game to be less steep than in other fighting games, which makes it easier to plow through and see all the hidden goodies. --Carrie Bell


  • A nice combination of cool characters and good fighting options
  • Moves are easy to pick up
  • Fair amount of female fighters
  • Little background information on the history or traits of these fighters
  • Music is repetitive

Condition: New