Michael Thurmond's Six Day Mini Makeover (Lose a Whole Dress or Pant Size in Ju

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Editorial Reviews What if you could lose a whole dress or pant size in just one week, without starving yourself? You can with the 6 day mini makeover. And not only will you not be starving, you'll be eating all day long. It's easy. Once you figure out what foods cause your body to shed pounds, you can use those foods to lose weight fast. Everybody is different and everyone's body chemistry reacts differently to different kinds of food. What makes someone else gain weight may have no effect on you. With the 6 day mini makeover you'll make an Instant Blueprint of your body so you can figure out how your individual metabolism works. Then you can start eating more of the foods that cause you to lose wight and avoid foods that cause you to gain. Your custom eating plan is specially designed for your body to make weight loss automatic. It is so effective, you can actually start on a Sunday and be a whole dress or pant size smaller by Friday.

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