Monster Cable MB LISY70 Camcorder Lithium Ion Rechargeable PowerCells

by Monster
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Power up your camcorder with a Monster Camcorder Rechargeable PowerCell. It's designed to perform flawlessly with camcorder's, letting you bring the benefits of Monsterous power performance. Monster lithium ion technology utilizes the special properties of Lithium to create a rechargeable battery with high energy density (plenty of power in a small package) and virtually no "memory effect". That is, you can add a top-off charge to you PowerCell when you want to take a full battery along, without having to discharge it first. Monster lithium ion technology supplies long-lasting power to let you shoot plenty of footage before having to recharge your PowerCell. Monster Camcorder PowerCells feature protective circuity that monitors the battery's power level as it's charged. This safeguards your PowerCell from being over-or under-charged, so it delivers full power each time when properly charged. Whether it's for business or pleasure, on the road or at home, Monster is proud to help you express your creativity and help you capture, and save, more Monsterous memories. Why be caught short of power? There's no missing the action,or a great scene, and no waiting, when you keep a second powerCell fully charged and ready to go. Send us your old PowerCells. With Monster's Clean Green Clean Power program, we'll pay postage (some restrictions apply; see web site for details), then ensure proper disposal. Proprietary to Sony Camcorder's Only. Monster InfoCell circuitry helps track battery power level. Your camcorder can then accurately display, in minutes, how much usage time remains. Monster makes sure you know you've got the juice you need to capture the footage you want!

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