Pingi Dehumidifier Sachel 450 grams - rechargeable

by Pingi
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UPC : 886502000058
Pingi 450 gram sachel- This mini dehumidifier is perfect for large size problems in your home, boat, car, and RV. Pingi fights musty odors and mildew. Great for basements, bedrooms, bathrooms, pantry’s, drawers, closets, storage boxes, gun safes, cabins, tackle boxes, lockers, shoes, and much more. Pingi is kid and pet friendly. Pingi is renewable and very green friendly. Just recharge in the microwave oven or in the sunlight. Place the satchel in the microwave for 6 minutes then open the door wait five seconds and repeat the process for another 6 minutes. Pingi is guaranteed for one year. Never put Pingi directly into water.

Condition: New