Pocket Tennis Color

by Neo-Geo
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Get a grip, and Let's Play Tennis! Wherever you go. Whenever you like. Enjoy POCKET TENNIS COLOR!!

Pocket Tennis Color serves up nine fictional characters you can play for hot serve-and-volley action while on the go. While this isn't quite Wimbledon, this game is extremely addictive. After you choose from one of the nine players, you are then prompted to select one of five court settings to play, including stadium, downtown, jungle, indoor and canyon. You can also choose the number of sets before you go for the gold.

Although each computer opponent has different skill levels and styles, we had a difficult time distinguishing any significant differences once we hit the clay. In addition, there seems to be a lack of any significant display of emotion or personality by the opponents during a heated match. Pocket Tennis Color is an easy game to learn, even if you don't read directions. The joystick control is precise and very intuitive. To move your character around the court, simply move your joystick. To swing at the ball, use the A or B button (depending on how strongly you want to volley). You can even put a spin on the direction of the ball using your joystick.

Pocket Tennis Color contains a full arsenal of power shots, including lobs and smashes. Each match can be against the computer or against a friend in exhibition mode (using the separately sold link cable). For instant gratification (or to simply kill some time), you can play a basic set. However, if you have all the time in the world to squander, we recommend the tournament mode. This mode will pit you against all of the possible opponents. As you beat each player, your game statistics (and shiny trophies) will be stored in the record area. --Carrie Bell


  • Easy to learn controls
  • Can play against a friend with similar gaming system and a NEOGEO Pocket Link Cable (sold separately)
  • Fairly basic serve-and-volley game
  • Computer opponents don't display much personality

Condition: New, Other (Retail Packaging will be missing/dented) Condition: New, Other (Retail Packaging will be missing/dented)

Condition: New, Other (Retail Packaging will be missing/dented)