RCA RPSA05 Symphonix Battery Operated Personal Sound Amplifier

by RCA
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UPC : 044476116476
If you have every wanted to get a hearing aid but they are just too expensive, the Symphonix Personal Sound Amplifier is what you are looking for. Typical hearing aids have a cost of about $1k-$3k per year, the Symphonix personal sound amplifier costs a fraction of that price. It is made from high-end hearing aid components and has three different volume and noise-reduction settings to fit any situation. The Symphonix also has the convience of being reversible allowing it to be worn on either ear. Don't worry about the RCA Symphonix getting in the way of eye wear. It has a sleek ultra-light design that is only a quarter inch thick. The Symphonix Personal Sound Amplifier uses a common zinc-air 312 battery that will provide 7 to 10 days of power. If you want clear hearing again look no further.

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