rovio pivot tablet stand

by WowWee
UPC : 771171108504
Introducing Pivot. The Tablet Stand with a Twist. Pivot is a multi-functional tablet stand that serves a variety of consumer needs including remote video conferencing, as well as a built-in entertainment system. Your smart device just got a little smarter. Tablet Entertainment System Pivot has built-in, high quality stereo speakers to enhance the sound of the smart device. It accommodates both landscape and portrait orientation, for a truly rich media experience. Motorized Movements Control Pivot's wide range of motion with the touch of a button, found either on the base of the unit, or with its included remote control. Telepresence Pivot's telepresence feature allows you to join in on meetings from remote locations. Using the Pivot App, you can remotely control who you are looking at and talking to using the pan and tilt controls. Make your presence felt without even being there! Charges All Tablets Pivot can house and charge all USB compatible tablets. Simply plug in your tablet's power cord into the base of Pivot. Only USB charging devices. Features: ? Wireless connectivity - Bluetooth 4.0 connection from the tablet to the electronics in the Pivot stand. ? Control buttons - Buttons on the base of Pivot or its included remote allow the user to change Pivot's orientation ? Rotatable stand - 270 degree rotation powered by built-in motor. ? 2 x built-in Stereo Speakers built-in ? Adjustable tablet holder - Any tablet from 106mm up to 193mm in width can be accommodated in the holder. Landscape or portrait orientations are supported. ? Charge any USB compatible tablet via Pivot's power socket.

  • Electronics in the Pivot stand with buildin Bluetooth 4.0 and control buttons
  • 2 x built-in Stereo Speakers and amplifier
  • Adjustable tablet holder Rotatable stand - 270 degree rotation powered by built-in motor

Condition: New