Sonic The Hedgehog Pocket Adventure

by Neo-Geo
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Is it true? Game icon Sonic is zipping around the NEOGEO in a new 2-D adventure? That's right. Untethered from the series' traditional Sega platform, the 20th release (give or take a few imports and rarities) in the Sonic series revives the classic gameplay last seen on the Sega Game Gear hand-held system. But Sonic Pocket Adventure is far from a clone. This version contains new moves, new levels, new baddies, and more for a new generation of gamers.

For those who haven't met the little blue fella, Sonic is a gloved, sneaker-wearing, and quite speedy hedgehog who rolls, leaps, and dashes through numerous levels filled with obstacles, ramps, loops, corkscrews, and all sorts of bashable enemies. Rings are scattered around each level--collecting 100 of them earns an extra life.

Grab your link cables: two players can take Sonic and his buddy Tails for a spin in this version. --Eric Twelker

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