SwissGear Adjustable Luggage Strap with Snap-Lock Buckle

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Color:Black Keep your luggage closed through all the bumps and bangs of travel.If you've ever seen clothes spilling out of a suitcase as it unceremoniously cruises the baggage carousel, then you understand the value of a good luggage strap. If those clothes were yours, you probably wish you'd have learned that value sooner. Either way, our luggage straps provide low-cost insurance that those will never (or never again) be your clothes on the carousel. These luggage straps work with all kinds of suitcases and facilitate TSA screening.Soft-sided or hard, zippered or latched, it doesn't matter what kind of suitcases you travel with. Our luggage belts adjust easily to fit around bags up to 72"" and can be cinched down as tight as you like. The snap-lock buckle stays closed through rough baggage handling but can be opened quickly if TSA needs to search your bag. Just like luggage tags, theses straps make it easier to spot your bags.Available in multiple colors, our luggage straps customize the look of your bags, helping them stand out from all the others at baggage claim. So, not only will they provide extra peace-of-mind when traveling, they may actually help you get out of the airport faster and reach your destination sooner. About SwissGearFrom the maker of the genuine Swiss Army Knife, SwissGear represents the best in travel accessories for people on the move. Our products make it easier and more comfortable to take what you need with you everywhere you go. So, no matter where life's adventures take you, always go with SwissGear.

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