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Arteza Acrylic Markers, Gold A700 - 3 Pack

Arteza Acrylic Markers, Gold A700 - 3 Pack

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Unleash your creative genius using Arteza acrylic ink pens. This set of 3 water based markers in brilliant gold will give you all the ink you’ll need for projects on a variety of surface materials. You can use these paint pens for wood painting, metal art, rock painting, canvas work, projects on cotton fabrics, and glass too!

Pens in this set are complete with various nibs, and the paint is water-based and non-toxic. They are low-odor and acid-free, to provide for a comfortable experience when using.

Remember to shake each pen well with the cap on to activate it before use. This will allow for optimal ink flow and consistency of the pen stroke. Press the tip on scrap paper to test the ink. Replace the cap after use and store horizontally for best results.

Arteza’s fine tip acrylic paint pens are a great tool for artists of any skill level, from beginners to experienced artists.

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