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Arteza Acrylic Markers - Set of 40

Arteza Acrylic Markers - Set of 40

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Abundant & Brillant Colors
Whether you’re creating holiday decorations, wedding keepsakes, or birthday gifts, you’ll have hours of fun with this Acrylic Paint Marker Set of 40. You’ll find all your favorites and then some with a total of 37 colors, as well as 3 sparkling metallic colors! Best of all, each one of these acrylic markers is UV-resistant and acid-free, so you never have to worry about your artwork fading or yellowing over time.

Adheres to Most Surfaces
Use these acrylic markers for rocks, wood, glass, canvas, cardboard, ceramic, plastic, fabric, and paper. If you’re drawing on wine glasses, making personalized mugs, or writing on other ceramics, your artwork can be heated in the oven to affix your drawings or writing.

Fast-Drying & Low Odor
These water-based acrylic art markers dry fast to allow you to quickly add more and more details. Unlike solvent-based markers, which have a strong smell, this acrylic paint marker pen set is low-odor so you can use them as long as you like. With 40 replaceable tips and handy tweezers, just change out the tip when it wears down and keep using the marker until the paint is gone. These acrylic paint markers are AP Certified Nontoxic.

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