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Arteza Acrylic Paint, Iridescent, 2oz Bottles - Set of 10

Arteza Acrylic Paint, Iridescent, 2oz Bottles - Set of 10

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10 Brilliant Colors
Illuminate your paintings, crafts and DIY designs with 10 unique iridescent colors. Whether you’re creating a shimmery piece or you’d simply like to accent your paintings, each shade captures the eye in its own way. The color-shifting properties of the paint result in a beautiful chameleon-like look when viewed from different angles or lighting.

Multi-Purpose Paints
You’re not only limited to applying these to canvases; you can use them on wood, rocks, fabrics and paper. These quick-drying paints are water-based and allow you to layer your paints without waiting a long time for everything to dry. You can even combine them with a pouring medium and watch your shimmering paints transform into magical pouring acrylics.

High Viscosity
The high viscosity makes them ideal for a variety of techniques, from thick applications with a palette knife to precise details with a small brush. They’re highly blendable, allowing you to make stunning custom shades

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