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Arteza Acrylic Quilter's Ruler Kit & Non-Slip Rings - 5 Piece Set

Arteza Acrylic Quilter's Ruler Kit & Non-Slip Rings - 5 Piece Set

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Designed To Make Your Quilting, Sewing, Or Craft Projects Easier

Take the guesswork out of measuring and cutting pieces for your next quilt. Whether it’s strips, individual pieces, or appliques, you can use our quilting ruler set to get the perfect cut each time. All angles are vertically mirrored to make it easy for both left- and right-handed people to use the ruler effectively.

Durable Acrylic Construction

Constructed of strong acrylic material, these quilting rulers are made to withstand continuous use without chipping or cracking. The patented contrasting black and lime green lines make it easy to see what you’re doing no matter what kind of fabric you have underneath. You’ll be able to measure and cut more accurately on light, dark or patterned fabric. Each quilting ruler has measurements engraved into the surface so they will never wear off.

4 Handy Sizes

By having a see through ruler, prepping for sewing projects becomes a breeze. This convenient set includes square rulers in four handy sizes, including a 4 inch quilting ruler, 6 inch, 9.5 inch, and 12 inch to meet all your measuring and cutting needs. The set also includes 48 non-slip rings so you never need to worry about the ruler slipping, sliding, or shifting in any way.

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