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Arteza Adhesive Felt Fabric, Black - Set of 20 Sheets

Arteza Adhesive Felt Fabric, Black - Set of 20 Sheets

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Tired of using messy glues to get your felt paper for craft to stick? There's no need for that now with Arteza's Black Adhesive Backed Felt Sheets in Bulk!

Each thick felt sheet of the 20 included comes equipped with a strong adhesive backing that can be applied to virtually any smooth surface, from glass to ceramics to even acrylic paint.
They’re ideal for just about any arts and crafts fabric projects! This felt in bulk will make an excellent addition to your box of craft tools and cloth doll making supplies.

The sheets are also totally flexible, so you can easily wrap them around any object, for any craft.

These soft but durable polyester sheets can truly take a beating: stick on felt sheets can be bent, folded, and cut without tearing or fraying. They can also be wet and subsequently dried without ruining the integrity of the sticky back.

Need to remove the felt and place it somewhere else? Not a problem! This self adhesive fabric can be reused several times before the sticky nature wears off. No residue will be left behind in the removal of the felt.
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