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Arteza Chalkboard Cleaner Set with 12 Chalk Markers

Arteza Chalkboard Cleaner Set with 12 Chalk Markers

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Ideal Classroom Set
Write on the board of any classroom knowing that the chalk markers and cleaners in your set are low-odor, non-toxic and chemical-free. This chalkboard cleaner set includes everything you need to write notes, leave messages, participate in group activities, and then cleanly wipe away all marks. With a magnetic eraser, you can store it right on your blackboard and the ammonia-free cleaner leaves your surface looking as good as new.

For Home & Office
This chalk marker set is great for blackboards, chalk board wall stickers, menu boards, and portable chalkboards in your home or business. Leave messages, announce specials of the day, or use on smaller surfaces to draw, take notes, or play games.

Always a Clean Surface
To keep a blackboard looking clean and new, you need the right writing utensils and quality cleaners. This set includes premium Arteza products designed especially for chalkboards. The markers are dust-free, the eraser is magnetic and durable, and the cleaner wipes away all chalk marks so that your surface is clean and ready every day.

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