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Arteza Classic Stretched Canvas, 6" x 6" - Pack of 12

Arteza Classic Stretched Canvas, 6" x 6" - Pack of 12

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Do you love the experience of painting on stretched canvas — but their price makes you cringe? This 12-pack of Arteza Stretched Canvas lets you paint like a professional artist at a fraction of the price. Best of all, you won't have to sacrifice quality.

The surface of your stretched canvas panels is made of cotton, the quintessential medium for oil paints, acrylic, watercolors, and many other types of wet and dry media. This fabric is stretched tight over a solid wood frame that retains the canvas's shape and makes it ready for hanging.

==> 6 x 6"" size
==> 5/8"" thickness
==> 100% cotton surface
==> Suitable for a variety of art media
==> Sturdy frame made of pinewood
==> Primed with 8 oz. of white gesso
==> Individually wrapped to keep surface pristine
==> Ideal for framing or hanging on the wall as is
==> For everyone from professional artists to beginners

Each canvas in your package is pre-primed, so there's no need for time-consuming prep. Stock up for the art classroom, your studio, or at home. Use the twelve canvases in your pack to create individual paintings — or build a large painting with multiple panels. When you're finished with your masterpiece, you can frame it or hang it directly on the wall.

Arteza Canvases make an exciting gift for pro and hobby artists, teens, and anyone else with an artistic spirit.

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