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Arteza DIY Foldable Canvas Frame, Acrylic, 9.5" x 9.5" - 20 Sheets

Arteza DIY Foldable Canvas Frame, Acrylic, 9.5" x 9.5" - 20 Sheets

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Display & Hang Your Artwork Instantly
No need to think about how to frame your masterpieces after they’re finished! Simply tear a sheet from the glue-bound pad, paint directly onto it, and fold it into a ready-to-hang display. Before you fold the page, it measures 13.5x15", and once it’s folded you’ll have 9.5x9.5" of work area. Use the framed side to display photos, or flip the paper around and paint directly onto the surface like a paper canvas.

Canvas Paper for Acrylic Painting
Each sheet is made from 220 lb durable wood pulp paper that can withstand all your blending and layers of acrylic paint. You can also use these with a variety of other media, including oil and gouache. Even when you create mixed media pieces, this paper will not warp or buckle under the multiple layers that you apply. Each bleed-resistant sheet is also acid-free, which will keep your colorful artwork from fading over time.

Convenient Glue-Bound Pad
Keep a pad in your craft room or stash one in your bag for on-the-go creations. Before they’re folded, each DIY frame is a flat sheet that can be easily torn from your glue-bound pad. This way, you’ll have all your sheets in one place and they won’t take up large amounts of room in your workspace.

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