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Arteza Dotting Tool Kit, Mandala

Arteza Dotting Tool Kit, Mandala

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Creating Mandalas Is a Meditative and Therapeutic Art Form

The word "mandala" is a Sanskrit word that means "circle". Typical mandalas have one identifiable origin or center point from which emanates an array of symbols and shapes.

Designing your own mandalas can be both a form of artistic expression and it can be a therapeutic experience. It has been said that mandalas represent the connection between our inner worlds and outer reality.

Our Mandala Dotting Tools Kit comes with reusable stencils, drawing templates, and a craft compass, plus 46 other pieces and tools to make your mandala-creating experience a memorable one. All you need in addition to our mandala kit is your favorite Arteza paint or markers.

What We Love About Our Arteza Mandala Dotting Tool Kit:

- Comes with 49 different tools and pieces.
- Our stencils are durable and reusable.
- You can create your own original ornaments, gifts, and art pieces.

Our Arteza Guarantee to You

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