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Arteza Inkonic™ Fineliner Pens - Set of 48

Arteza Inkonic™ Fineliner Pens - Set of 48

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** With 48 Markers in All – 48 Vivid Colors – Your Arteza Fineliners Set Offers Much More Than Other Brands. Set Arrives in Our Sturdy, Attractive Metal Storage Tin **

Why pay more for less? These premium fine point pens provide a broader array of brilliant colors than you'd get with most other pen sets. All at a price that's perfect for anyone's budget – students, beginners, seasoned artists, doodlers, sketchers, cartoonists, calligraphers & others.

Designed in America, These 48 Fine Tip Markers Offer:

=== > Superior water-based inks that dry fast without smudging & smearing (so they're ideal for both right- and left-handers)
=== > Ultra-fine 0.4mm tips for detailed, precision drawing, coloring, ruling & lettering
=== > Strong metal casing around each tip to help prevent bending & breakage
=== > Unique ergonomic barrels – triangle-shaped with color numbers for sure grip & strain-free comfort

All This Plus Nontoxic Safety

Concerned about the art supplies you use? We hear you. News reports nowadays are filled with scary stories about harmful everyday chemicals.

That's why you'll be glad to know that these Arteza Fine Line Pens are ASTM D-4236 Certified SAFE. All inks are acid-free, odor-free & toxin-free, so they won't hurt either people or paper.

Packed in Our Premium Metal Box & Backed by Our Great Guarantee

Order your Arteza Colored Fine Point Markers now. Plus, stock up for all the artists & students you know. Great birthday & graduation gift.

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