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Arteza Iridescent Acrylic Paint, 4oz Bottle - Fancy Black A709

Arteza Iridescent Acrylic Paint, 4oz Bottle - Fancy Black A709

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Stock Up on Your Favorite Colors

Pick and choose which colors you like most and add them to your set. These color-changing acrylic paints are in 118 ml bottles, which means you will have enough for both large and small projects. Now you no longer need to ration your paint or worry about running out of your favorite color!

Great for a Variety of Surfaces

Expand your artistic horizons and paint on a huge variety of surfaces ranging from paper and canvases to glass and ceramics. You can also build up beautiful textures with this rich, highly pigmented paint. As your colors dry, you’ll notice that these shimmering, chameleon acrylic paints will color-shift as you tilt your artwork in the light.

Mix and Match to Create Something Unique

These blendable paints can be used with other paints and can be mixed together to create interesting custom shades. Try using them with regular acrylics or you can even paint onto a black surface and watch the colors pop brightly. When you’re ready to clean up, all you need is a bit of soap and water.


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