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Arteza Kids Finger Paints, Assorted Colors, 30ml - Set of 30

Arteza Kids Finger Paints, Assorted Colors, 30ml - Set of 30

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Finger Paint Set in Bulk
Paint with all the colors of the rainbow and more! This set of 30 colors allows everyone to paint with their favorites. Each 1-ounce container is shaped so that you’ll be able to scoop your paint out directly with your fingers. Feel free to use a paintbrush too, as this no-mess finger paint is versatile and great for any project!

Create With Everyone in Mind
Whether you’re working on a big preschool finger paint project or painting at home with the kids, you’ll feel comfortable knowing these paints are washable and non-toxic. With a little bit of soap and water, you’ll be able to clean up the child-safe finger paint from yourselves and your workspace and make it look as good as new. Leave the paint on your artwork and not on you.

Paint, Craft & Color
Jumpstart your kid’s creativity and use these washable finger paint supplies to start their journey. This is the perfect fingerpaint for toddlers because they’ll be able to spread their imagination to many surfaces. Canvas, paper, themselves - the possibilities are truly endless! Feel free to grab some paint brushes for the kids, but know that you won’t need them because their artistic ability is right at their fingertips with these paints.

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