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Arteza Large Acrylic Art Set

Arteza Large Acrylic Art Set

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Complete Acrylic Painting Set

Start your acrylic painting journey with this large acrylic paint set. Each kit comes with 12 creamy acrylics that can be mixed, layered, and blended for a variety of techniques. If you need some help with color theory, you can use the color wheel to see what colors look best together and how to mix custom shades.

Blend & Build Color

This professional acrylic paint set includes 5 acrylic brushes to easily apply paint, or you can experiment with the included palette knife. Set up the colors you need on the disposable palette paper, then when you’re finished, simply tear off the dirty sheet.

Sample Different Surfaces

This acrylic paint kit allows you to choose between white or black surfaces with the 2 canvas panels, 11” x 14”. If you want to hang your artwork, you can use the DIY frame pad, the 10” x 10”, or 11” x 14” primed stretched canvases.

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