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Arteza Metallic Watercolor Art Set

Arteza Metallic Watercolor Art Set

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Complete Watercolor Artist Kit

Let your creativity shine when you grab your watercolor painting kit. Each one includes 24 metallic watercolors, a refillable water brush, and a watercolor painting pad with 5 shades of tinted watercolor paper. Before you start painting, test the iridescent watercolor paint on the sheets so that you can see how it will look in your painting.

Shimmering Watercolors

With 24 dazzling pearlescent hues to choose from, you can create beautiful watercolor pieces. Use these to create a look of liquid metal in your project. Whether you’re making shimmering washes or adding metallic details, these mica-infused paints will add glimmer to your artwork.

Cold Press Watercolor Paper

Our 9” x 12” toned paper pad is acid free, cold-press, and 100% cotton — making the optimal paper choice for all of your watercolor needs. Watercolors will spread evenly on the surface of this premium paper and you’ll achieve even transitions and mixing of colors.

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