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Arteza Mixed Media Pad, 11" x 14", 60 Sheets - Pack of 2

Arteza Mixed Media Pad, 11" x 14", 60 Sheets - Pack of 2

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Can't settle on a single artistic medium? There's no need to now, with Arteza Mixed Media Art Pad!

This sketchbook can be your go-to for any style of creativity that you're in the mood for. Use your favorite graphite pencils, colored pencils, charcoal, pastels, ink pens, and more! These pages can even withstand light washes of paint. This smooth thick paper is perfect for combining different techniques. It erases, absorbs, and blends well, so you won't have to worry about smudges or blotches. From watercolor to collage to basic sketching, this pad can do it all.

Composed of an acid-free wood pulp and buffered with an alkaline reserve, these sheets won’t absorb acid from the environment or from the natural aging process. This means that your artwork won’t deteriorate over time, looking as good years from now as it did on the first application.

The double-spiral binding makes for maximum durability, giving you an art pad that will last. With the binding you can expect the pages to lie flat for ease of creation or when you want to make a big idea come to life. What's more, the chipboard backing creates the perfect hard and durable surface to support your work in the field.

Each sheet comes with micro-perforations along the spiral binding. When you're ready to hang up your masterpiece, tearing it out is an absolute breeze. The sizing of the pages allows you to tear out true-to-size sheets, so you won’t be sacrificing any precious art space here.

Arteza mixed media pad is totally accessible for all artists -- so whether you're a beginner or an expert, get creating today!

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