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Arteza Permanent Markers Ultimate Supreme Set, Assorted - 80 Pieces

Arteza Permanent Markers Ultimate Supreme Set, Assorted - 80 Pieces

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80 Assorted Permanent Felt-Tip Pens That Won’t Easily Dry Out

Each of the permanent colored markers in this set is sealed with an air-tight lid, making the ink in each low-odor permanent marker long-lasting. Thick and thin markers in our assorted set won’t easily wash off or fade, either.

Whether you’re looking for thick chisel-tip markers, ultra-fine permanent marker pens, or brush-tip permanent markers, the assorted tips of this set are suitable for glass, metal, canvas, and fabric. They’ll work on virtually any surface.

You get 36 fine-tip, 30 brush-tip, and 10 ultra-fine tip markers in assorted colors, as well as 4 thick 18-mm chisel-tip markers in basic red, blue, green, and black colors.

What We Love About Our Arteza Permanent Broad and Fine-Line Marker Bundle:

  • 80 marker pens in 61 assorted colors.
  • 5 tip types for every kind of linework.
  • Nontoxic and low-odor.
  • Vivid permanent ink that won’t smear, wash away, or fade.

Our Arteza Guarantee to You

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