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Arteza Pouring Acrylic Paint, 2oz Bottles - Set of 32

Arteza Pouring Acrylic Paint, 2oz Bottles - Set of 32

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32 Vibrant Colors
Acrylic paint pouring is fast becoming the new favorite way to create beautiful and original art pieces. What better way to try this medium than with an acrylic flow paint set that includes 32 brilliant colors. This set has so many color options, such as metallics, pastels, and even neon colors! In addition, you get 4 bottles of Titanium White and 2 of Mars Black to create light and dark shades of every color.

High Flow Acrylics
High flow means paint that pours and spreads easily. It’s important that the paint is the right consistency to take advantage of all the different tilting angles you’ll want to do to achieve the best design. With this pourable acrylic paint, there is no need for special preparations or mixing as these paints contain the right ratio of pour medium to paint. All you need to do is open the bottle and start creating!

Discover the Potential in Pouring
Create incredible fluid art designs with this pouring acrylic paint set and experience a wide selection of rich tones that will truly make your artwork pop. You can pour the paint directly on top of your surface or try placing the canvas on top of a cup full of different paint colors and then flip it over for stunning color combinations. Add glitter embellishments sprinkled on the wet surface or once the paint dries, draw or write on it with metallic pens. The possibilities are endless in what you can create with acrylic paint pouring.

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