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Arteza Pouring Acrylic Paint, 8oz Bottle - A401 Rose Pink

Arteza Pouring Acrylic Paint, 8oz Bottle - A401 Rose Pink

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Perfect for Avid Pouring Artists

You can never have enough acrylic paint for pouring. These large 8 oz bottles are filled with plenty of high-flow acrylic paint for large projects or multiple small projects. Get extra bottles of your favorite colors or the colors that you use most.

Start Pouring Right Out of the Bottle

All of our acrylic pour paints are pre-mixed with the perfect ratio of pouring medium so you can start painting as soon as you open your bottle. Simply pop open the snap cap and start using your favorite techniques. You can pour directly onto your surface or use a cup to hold all your colors before pouring them onto your surface.

Create Unique Color Combinations

Choose your favorite colors to create unique abstract pour art. You can pick from glossy, primary colors, shimmering metallics, soft pastels and striking neon colors to combine into unique designs. These vibrant, pouring acrylics can be applied to a variety of surfaces like wood, canvas, glass and more.

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