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Arteza Stiff & Soft Felt Fabric, Blue Tones - Set of 50 Sheets

Arteza Stiff & Soft Felt Fabric, Blue Tones - Set of 50 Sheets

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It’s Time to Get Creative with Your Felt Fabric Projects

Arts and crafts time is a time to sit down, relax, and get creative. We’ve designed our Blue Tones Felt Sheets in Bulk, so that you can do just that, without having to worry about your materials being hard to work with. This thick felt sheet set will make an excellent addition to your box of craft tools and cloth doll making supplies.

We put a lot of thought into the design of our products. Our felt paper for craft is woven from durable Polyester and it’s the right thickness for cutting with scissors and sewing by hand or with a machine.

What We Love About Our Arteza Blue Tones Felt in Bulk:

- This set includes stiff and soft felt sheets
- Easy to cut and sew
- Vibrant colors that won’t easily fade

We Care About Our Customers

Here at Arteza, we care about our customers and we are passionate about creating products that inspire. We strive to create products that make us proud.
If you have any issues, please reach out and we’ll make it right.
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