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Arteza Woodless Graphite Pencils, Assorted Sizes - Set of 12

Arteza Woodless Graphite Pencils, Assorted Sizes - Set of 12

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The Woodless Black Colored Pencil for Sketching, Drawing, and Shading

We designed our pre-sharpened pencils in a way that helps you create broad strokes and shade large areas. The EE pencils contain both charcoal and graphite (50/50) for a deeper, richer color that adds dimension to your sketch. These shading pencils can produce a lot of movement within a drawing, as it’s a medium that’s also simple to layer.

What We Love About Our Arteza Woodless Graphite Pencils:

  • Rich black pigment.
  • Won’t break off easily into pieces like other brands.
  • Make producing broad strokes and shading large areas effortless.

Our Arteza Guarantee to You

Here at Arteza, we care about our customers and we are passionate about creating products that inspire. We strive to create products that make us proud. If you have any issues with our products, please reach out and we’ll make it right.

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